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Dobri restorani Awards for Best Croatian Restaurants 2017

9 Jan

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Dobri restorani (Good Restaurants) award ceremony took place at Zagreb’s Esplanade hotel last night, Jutarnji list reports. This is the sixth edition of the joint project by Jutarnji list and Vinart, and this year’s partners included Jamnica, Metro, Koral Badel 1862 and Lošinj Hotels & Villas.

A jury consisting of 500 experts, including chefs, eno and gastro journalists, bloggers, restaurant owners and winemakers, voted for the best restaurants in Croatia, Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner, the City of Zagreb, Central Croatia, Slavonia and Podunavlje and a special award was given to a Wine Friend Restaurant. Top chefs also chose the best one among them.

Pelegrini from Šibenik is the absolute winner for the second year in a row, with their chef Rudolf Štefan winning the Best Chef award. The restaurant also won the Best Restaurant in Dalmatia award.

Top 10 Croatia:
1. Pelegrini, Šibenik
2. Dubravkin put, Zagreb
3. Monte, Rovinj
4. Noel, Zagreb
5. Plavi podrum, Volosko
6. Vinodol, Zagreb
7. Bevanda, Opatija
8. Carpaccio, Zagreb
9. Marina, Novigrad
10. Mala hiža, Mačkovec

Top 10 City of Zagreb:
1. Dubravkin put, Zagreb
2. Noel, Zagreb
3. Vinodol, Zagreb
4. Carpaccio, Zagreb
5. Bistro Apetit, Zagreb
6. Takenoko, Zagreb
7. ManO, Zagreb
8. Barbieri’s, Zagreb
9. Apetit City, Zagreb
10. Time, Zagreb

Top 10 Dalmatia:
1. Pelegrini, Šibenik

Source: www.total-croatia-news.com

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